Mathieu Lambert
October 16, 2023

Demystifying the Fideicomiso: Navigating Real Estate Investment in Mexico

A Personal Dive into the World of Fideicomiso

When I decided to invest in property in Mexico, I found myself facing a completely unfamiliar system: the fideicomiso. This experience raised a multitude of questions. How does it work? Is it safe? Should I be wary of such a structure? Today, I am delighted to share my personal experience and demystify the fideicomiso, a key tool for foreign investors looking to venture into the Mexican real estate market.

What is a Fideicomiso in Mexico?

A fideicomiso is a legal mechanism that allows foreign investors to own real estate in certain restricted areas of Mexico. When you purchase property in one of these zones, the property is transferred to a Mexican bank acting as a trustee. This bank holds the property in a fiduciary trust, with the registered beneficiary being the foreign owner. This allows foreigners to legally hold real estate while complying with Mexican restrictions on beachfront or border-area property ownership.

Mexico City

How Does the Fideicomiso Work?

1.    Choice of Fiduciary Bank: The foreign investor must select an authorized Mexican bank to act as the trustee. This bank is the entity responsible for holding the property on behalf of the investor.

2.    Creation of the Fideicomiso: Once the fiduciary bank is chosen, a fideicomiso is established. This is a legal contract that defines the rights and obligations of the foreign owner, the fiduciary bank, and the Mexican seller.

3.    Duration of the Fideicomiso: Initially, a fideicomiso has a 50-year term, renewable indefinitely. During this period, the foreign owner has full control of the property, including the right to sell, rent, or transmit the property to heirs.

4.    Advantages of the Fideicomiso: The fideicomiso provides legal security, rights similar to absolute ownership, protection against taxes and fees, and facilitates the resale of the property.

Understanding Property Restrictions: Fideicomiso's Role

In general, foreigners cannot acquire properties within 50 km of the coast or 100 km of the border without a fideicomiso or a partnership.


Overcoming Apprehensions: The Security of the Fideicomiso

When I embarked on the process of buying my own property in Mexico, I experienced similar concerns to those you may have. However, after exploring the benefits of the fideicomiso and consulting with local experts, I realized how essential this structure is in safe guarding foreign investors.

Ultimately, the fideicomiso is a powerful tool that ensures legal compliance and the security of your real estate investments in Mexico.

My personal experience has shown me that there is no need to fear this structure but rather to embrace it as a key element of any successful real estate investment in Mexico. You are now prepared to confidently navigate the Mexican real estate market armed with knowledge of the fideicomiso and the peace of mind it brings.