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Wellness Real Estate

Wellness Real Estate property and land investment services in Mexico for private investors and developers

The Wellestate Way

We audit and certify all the properties that we select to ensure that our listings are unmatched in quality and you can invest safely.
We are an experienced team of architects, investors, developers and certified real estate brokers who are dedicated to wellness and sustainability values.
Our job does not end when sales transactions are completed. We follow up on all our property acquisitions, including after-sales support and warranties.

Our property acquisition process

Property selection

Find your ideal property through our carefully selected wellness certified listing and our proprietary investment rating.

Contractual & legal

Comprehensive real estate legal services for land and property title registration and Fideicomiso trust creation.

Due diligence

We conduct risk analysis and investigative due diligence to ensure your investment is safe and legally in order.

Support & monitoring

Our post-sales team guarantees that the delivery and inspection of your property is conducted to the highest quality standards.

for Our clients

Real estate investment, revisited

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Property risk analysis

As an investor, you know that every investment has an element of risk. For each of our listed properties, we conduct a risk analysis using a proprietary algorithm to help our customers make informed investment decisions.

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Legal advice

Our expert team of real estate attorneys can provide you with legal certainty for your property investment through investigative due diligence, clear contracts, Fideicomiso bank trusts, land registration and title certification services.

Post-sales experience

Once you have purchased your new property, our post-sales technical team will be on-site to accompany you during the delivery stage, to ensure that all the aspects of the post-sales guarantee are carefully reviewed.


Systems Audit

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Development risk analysis

Many developments are designed based on market assumptions and optimistic financial projections.  Failure to identify risks early can dramatically affect your profitability. We use a proprietary risk scoring algorithm to compute risk factors for your project based on benchmark data from hundreds of developments.

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Land search for development

Outstanding real estate development projects start with choosing the right land and most importantly, doing the home work to ensure its viability for construction. Wellestate can assess legal certainty, connectable services, and the suitability of location to suit the project's concept and market positioning.

Business development

In real estate, major loses happen when business objectives are not properly defined from the beginning. A business can only be successful when legal, commercial, financial and technical aspects are carefully evaluated. Wellestate help you define the winning business strategy that will attract capital investors.

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Wellness consulting

Building projects that improve people's lives will always be profitable. Wellness projects combine sustainability, community living, healthcare and economics. Our speciality is helping you find the balance between these areas and create a solid business model.

Master brokers

Branding, marketing and selling your project can be one of the most challenging tasks in the real estate business. Thanks to our extensive market knowledge, we can help you define the best target market for your project and build the most effective marketing and sales strategy.

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Post sales and warranty

Reputation is your biggest asset, and it always relies on the quality of the post sales experience you provide to new property owners. We train your post-sales department so you can keep building trust and your customers can become the best ambassadors of your brand.

Frequently asked questions

Contact us for more information

Can you help foreign investors with legal processes?

Yes, our real estate attorneys have over 16 years of experience in the Riviera Maya and specialize in helping foreign investors.


Can you help evaluate financial risks?

Yes, we just need the basic data of the property you want to invest in, and in less than 48 hours you will receive a Risk Analysis Score Report.


Do you follow up with property warranties?

When we are Master Brokers of the developments, we give property owners a one-year full post-sales service.


Can you help find land for development investment?

We study the land's legal certainty and perform due diligence investigations to ensure developers invest in the best possible land for their objectives.