ALQUIMIA: Unique investment in Tulum with 153 Studios/Suites across four elemental towers. Luxury living, strategic location, and sustainable mobility options.


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ALQUIMIA presents itself as a 5-star hotel and residence comprising four towers—Aqua, Ignis, Terra, and Caeli. Each tower embodies an elemental theme, offering a total of 153 Studios and Suites. The development boasts a unique blend of luxury living, cultural influences, and sustainability. From Aqua's vitality-inspired design to Caeli's representation of freedom, ALQUIMIA promises a holistic and unparalleled living experience. Amenities like pools, fitness centers, wellness spaces, and commercial plazas further enrich the lifestyle, making it a standout project in Tulum's thriving landscape.

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Dec 2024

ALQUIMIA Tulum presents an enticing investment opportunity, notably managed by a reputable operator with a track record in renowned hotel brands such as Hyatt and Hilton. The diverse units, strategic location, and commitment to sustainability enhance the project's appeal. The unique elemental theme adds intrinsic value, attracting a broad spectrum of residents and guests. Proximity to key attractions, a robust rental program, and eco-friendly mobility options contribute to a compelling investment proposition. With a focus on security and luxury, ALQUIMIA stands out as a premier choice in Tulum's burgeoning real estate market.

Features and amenities


ALQUIMIA Tulum: Elemental Luxury Living. Discover unique amenities in 4 towers - Aqua, Ignis, Terra, Caeli. Relax in pools, dine in restaurants, shop in the commercial center, and embrace Tulum's magic.

  • Pools: Multiple pools across different towers, including Swim Ups and private pools.
  • Gym: Fitness center in the Aqua tower.
  • Recreational Areas: Various spaces for relaxation and recreation, such as the terrace in Ignis with a jacuzzi and the rooftop in Caeli.
  • Wellness Center: Pixan Wellness in Caeli with a spa, sauna, temazcal, and hydrotherapy.
  • Reading Areas: Reading spaces in Ignis.
  • Restaurant: Hanal Pixian restaurant in the Caeli tower.
  • Mini Market and Liquor Store: Available in Caeli for residents' convenience.
  • CUATRO ELEMENTOS Commercial Plaza: Commercial spaces, restaurants, and a STAGE for cultural events.
  • Security: Security services to ensure a safe and protected environment.

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